BEIEN (Shanghai) Machinery Technology Co., a company dedicated to providing high-quality power accessories. The company is specialized in the sale of Germany’s CSPG precision spindle bearings and high-speed motorized spindles.It is the agent of Germany’s CSPG in China, and also engaged in the export business ofbearing、machine tools and other mechanical and electrical products.

The company has employed a group of elite talents and engineers,in the field of friction management and precision manufacturing. With rich professional knowledge, we help our customers solve various mechanical operation problems and provide customers with completely trustworthy product and excellent service, in hope of offering value-added economic benefits for customers.


German quality high-end technology

BEIEN (Shanghai) Machinery Technology Co.Ltd.. is the authorized agent of Germany’s CSPG bearing in China. It is a high-quality bearing brand from Germany. With the latest design concept and manufacturing technology in Germany, it has been built into an indispensable important part in the field of precision machinery and equipment.

CSPG Germany design center has always maintained communication and cooperation with R & D institutions, universities and industry leaders, and constantly optimizes bearing design and application technology with the latest concept. CSPG can provide customized products for high-end customers to meet high-end technical requirements.

CSPG is widely used in precision machine tools, numerical control equipment, spindles, aerospace, high-end agricultural machinery, industrial robots, new energy vehicle transmission and other fields, meeting the application requirements of high precision, high speed and high rigidity of customers.

Main products

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